What is Rocket Vault ($RVF)?

We are delighted to introduce the first ever Vault project that offers the best APY in stable coins. Our proprietary strategies are consistently able to generate 100+% APY**. We achieve this by using advanced AI & ML algorithms.

Smart Vaults Minimizes risk:

Our strategies identify the best performing pools and auto invests in all the best performing pools. It also identifies the risky pools and avoids them to reduce the risk exposure.

Our Smart Vaults Minimizes Risk

Maximizes gains with intelligence:

With machine learning we identify patterns and behaviors in historical data and learn from it. Our strategies automatically identify the best investment opportunity based on the historical patterns. It also identifies the best selling point to protect the gains and move to Treasury to auto-deploy the funds when the strategies signal the optimal investment opportunity.

Our Vaults Maximizes Gains in an Intelligent manner

Hedging: Our vaults currenlty employ DCA as 1 of the hedging strategies. More strategies are being worked out as we speak.

Arbitrage Bot: This is a straight forward scenario where the vault keep monitoring for any arbitrage opportunities and executes the orders to capture the opportunity.

Treasury: Smart Vault strategies automatically book profits and a % of the profits are reserved in treasury in stable coins and the vault keeps monitoring for the best opportunity to execute the buy order to maximise the gains.

Our strategies keep learning and become more intelligent by the day to automatically minimize risks and maximize gains by learning from the historical data.

All this is an automated process where our vault strategies keep working 24x7x365, even while you are sleeping, to work hard for you to make maximum gains for your investment.

Here is a YouTube video that explans how Rocket Vault Finance achieves best APY:

What makes Rocket Vault a Smart Vault?

Rocket Vault is Powered by AI & ML and our enigine keps learning from the data every day and become more Smart.

We are using LSTM based Neural Network to identify the Anamolies in the Time Series data which observed over period of days to weeks. This is one of our stretagies.

A dataset looks like what is shown below with time stamp(1608645315(Tue Dec 22 13:55:15 2020 UTC) in Epoch format and Token Value at that particular time stamp. Currently all datasets are hosted in AWS and GCP servers where ML model runs 365x7x24.

Sample dataset

We have models which Observes datasets of More than 300 listed token pairs (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Busd) in CEX like Binance.

Pairs Data
Technical Architecture

We have deployed multiple Stretagies and currently one stretagy “Convergence” is in Production. Remaining strategies are currently undergoing stress test and back testing and results are promising in both bear and bull market.

Our smart vault, Powered by AI & ML algorithms is currenlty making 75% succesful predictions. As the Vault keeps learning from more data and become more intelligent it will lead to more accurate predictions as we progress.

Succesful Prediction %

How is it different from other yield farming projects?

Unlike other projects, where initially they offer insane APYs to attract more users and once the TVL has grown the APY dips drastically, Rocket Vault strategies automatically adjusts the algorithms according to the increased cap and still generates best APY consistently.

We don’t mint unlimited tokens and distribute valueless tokens in the name of rewards. The rewards are distributed in stable coins of user’s choice (USDC/USDT/DAI) on a quarterly basis.

We have started our journey way back in 2019, developing proprietary vault strategies. We have tested and fine-tuned our vault strategies and are rearing to go.

Who is in the team?

Our team is a mixture of SMEs (Ex-SAP employee with 17+ yrs of experience in Financial Services Industry), Statistical analysts and developers with varied skills including blockchain, python and AI/ML of course.

Disclaimer: Please note that while the past testing results are encouraging, the Vault Strategies are subject to market risks and does not guarantee any returns and your funds may be at 100% risk. Never invest/deposit in vault more than what you can afford to lose.

** Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

Note: All the information provided is indicative and subject to change without prior notice.

To be up to date with the project:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RocketVault_
Medium: rocketvault.medium.com
Telegram: https://t.me/rocketvault
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/rocketvaultAnn

Smart Vault Powered by advanced AI & ML algorithms to come up with intelligent strategies to maximise gains and minimise risks.

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